Top Strip Club In Denver

Why is La Bohème the top strip club in Denver? For one thing, we've got the prettiest girls in Colorado, bar none. Check our Events page for super special nights at La Bohème. Look for our red lights at 1443 Stout Street in Denver, Colorado. We're open every night of the week, so come on down!

If you work in any sort of service industry, bring your pay stub to La Bohème any Sunday night and get in for free. Yes, for free. Every Sunday is RETOX night, reserved especially for Coloradoans and visitors who toil all week performing services for others. We understand what a grind that can be, but it's a living, right? Make the weekend last as long as possible by bringing your best friends for a fabulous time at La Bohème Gentlemens Club -by far the top strip club in Denver- at 1443 Stout Street in Denver, Colorado. Call 303.820.3212 for venue hours and driving directions. Don't forget to ask us about bottle service and how to reserve a private VIP suite.

If you're bold enough to do private lap dances in a one-on-one VIP suite, you can make decent money as a dancer at the top strip club in Denver. Denver is a fine place to live, but the cost of living here does eat into a girl's monthly budget. A skilled dancer with a fun personality can earn a very good living dancing at our nightclub. The girls who dance and work at La Bohème are protected and respected. If you've got a rockin' bod and a heart for showbiz, drop by La Bohème some night and ask to speak with a Director. Enjoy a friendly conversation about the benefits of high class stripping. You could make a good living as an independent dancer at La Bohème gentlemens club Denver.